Parkour 20110617

I have fun on the playground after running around the neighborhood for a little bit. See Running 20110617.

Started on one side, squeezed through the first and second steps and end up on the other side.
The only rule is to not touch the ground. 

I tried various ways to challenge myself on this, but nothing was especially hard.
Suffices to say I miss rock climbing.
I did a couple of sit starts. I did a couple of pull-ups.

I walked up, went over one rail, dropped down to a hang,
swung to the other side, and then pulled myself up and over the rail.

I jumped from seat to seat. And then from seat to tabletop.
I wasn't ready to jump from tabletop to seat or from tabletop to tabletop.

I went up the sides by shimmying.
I felt my Vibrams helped in terms of grip.
When I got to the top, I took hold of the center bar and started moving across.
But I got to the first swing and couldn't maneuver around it.

I practiced my balance on the arm of the bench.
Part of this practice consists of closing my eyes once in a while.
The parkour classes I took back in 2009 showed me how much we depend on our vision for balance.
It's also been mentioned in modern dance.
Of course, the point is while we use it, we should learn how to not depend on it.
And when we do get to use it, the result is better control of our movement.

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