Parkour 20110616

Staircase somewhere near Bolsa and Magnolia. The picture is of the "left" side.

I see this staircase before going to the dentist, but I wait until after to play around on it. Hands get dirty from the dust.

I start from the front on the cement and jump onto the lower ledge of the beam. Though I had trouble stabilizing myself, because I wanted to try the motion without using my legs to contact anything above. However, there's really no way to stop the swinging and the natural motion is just to swing right off. Thus, it is necessary to use the legs to grab something, or push against something to stop the swinging, or use the momentum to go upwards.

Then I went to the left of the staircase and tried to shimmy across the lower ledge of the beam. But it was too low, so after hanging on the lower ledge, I pulled up to the upper ledge (i.e., level with the surface of the turning point of the stairs). I shimmied to the front. Then pulled myself up and over, onto the stairs.

I don't remember if I reversed it or not. But I do remember going back to the front, jumping onto the ledge and stabilizing myself by bringing my legs up. It helps to minimize the amount of momentum going into the motion.

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