Movie Pretty in Pink (1986)

Watched 20110617 (DVD)
Pretty in Pink (1986) Howard Deutch. 96 min.

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This movie IS high school. I felt the movie was all over the place, unlike Breakfast Club (1985) which is relatively coherent. My sister mentioned how this had its way of telling the story. To some extent this is true, but for me it was too much.

I'd have to say that the couple's first kiss was really passionate.

Overall a fun movie, unless perhaps you had a really bad high school experience yourself. If you liked Breakfast Club or any work written or directed by John Hughes, then you should definitely consider watching this movie. My sister mentioned Sixteen Candles (1984), though I haven't seen it, don't know what it's about, and so don't have anything to say regarding it's relation to Pretty in Pink or Breakfast Club.

Instant Comments:
LOLOLOL Yo man next time I kick your ass.

Lol, oh shit so this is what it looks like...
... this instant

His lip syncing is great.

The dialogue around 40 minutes is pretty emotional and sort of actually makes the movie make sense. At that point we sort of think about all three main characters and wonder what their intentions are and where everything will end up.

"He's a charmer!"

That's a pretty wild kiss.

The dad's so understanding in this movie, perhaps too perfect?

My hips went up in flames. He must practice on melons or something.

The emotions at 1 hr 15 minutes didn't seem genuine to me. Also at this point I feel like the movie is all over the place.

"Just say it!" scene is the right amount of intense.

Duckie's glance to the audience is a great out-of-character moment.

The final closing scene next to the blue and pink car...

Not smooth, choppy.
while sister says they want you to think about.

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