Movie The Frighteners (1996)

Watched 20110623 (DVD)
The Frighteners (1996) Peter Jackson. 110 min.

Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox)
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Dr. Lucy Lynskey (Trini Alvarado)
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I thought this movie was good. For those who dislike the horror genre, I would happily inform you that The Frighteners is much less of a horror film and much more of a comedy.

In any case, it had good pacing and good characters, but I didn't like various inconsistencies within the story.

Overall, I enjoyed it more than Troll 2 (1990), which my friends and I watched earlier today.

Lucy, Ray (Peter Dobson), and Frank
Instant Comments:
Crazy intro, but the movie proceeds rather regularly. Nothing crazy.
Things are funny, not scary.
Lol, gnomes.

The Judge (John Astin)
Peter Jackson.
Milton behaves, looks, and speaks a little like one of Jim Carrey's characters.

"I like it when they lie still like that."
"You're trying to do it right now aren't you?"
Lol, kick to the side and the gun pops up.

Cyrus (Chi McBride)