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Played 20110531 LaurenB JohnR TimT. Germany. Removed Purple, Green, and Brown. FirstGameRules. LaurenB won. 2010-2101EDT 0hr51min. 8-9min/round. 2-3min/player.

Ye Pu Bl color
XX XX XX starting turn order
08 09 08 cities able to supply
07 07 07 cities supplied
23 11 12 money
07 07 07 cities
01 03 02 place

I'm fairly new at explaining the rules to new players. I try my best to be succinct, while covering on the bases. I figure its best to start with the First Game Rule set, because if we played a regular game, without knowing strategy, one can make a mistake early game, and suddenly be turned off. Of course, the short game presents the element of being blocked until the end game. Whereas the full game allows extra options after step 2.

If I recall correctly, on the last round, I made a purchase which I thought would insure my win. But I didn't see the spot to which Lauren could expand to. In the last picture, you can see the lone yellow city in the bottom left. I don't regret making the purchase I did, it's much more enjoyable to go on instinct, than to spend the last turn figuring out exactly what one needs to do, which is generally possible.

All the pictures are blurry, some more than others, because I hastily took them with my camera phone. Nevertheless, you can find them below:

Pictures are taken at:
Start Game
8:10PM Board and Market
8:17PM Board and Market
8:25PM Board and Market
8:33PM Board and Market
8:42PM Board and Market
8:54PM Board and Market
End Game 9:01PM Board and Market

Round 2 07min
Round 3 08min
Round 4 08min
Round 5 09min
Round 6 12min
Round 7 07min

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