Movie True Lies (1994)

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True Lies (1994) James Cameron. 141 min.

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This movie is definitely an action movie, but throws in a laugh now and then. The storyline gets a little ridiculous during the middle of the movie, but it plays its role in the overall plot. In the end, you get a good action movie, but nowhere near as solid as Die Hard (1988) or even The Terminator (1984).

Like Arnold Schwarzeneggar? Looking for a good action movie? Don't mind your action with a little comedy sprinkled on top? Then check this movie out.

Off-Topic: My last sentence above reminds me of The Reading Rainbow, where there would be one or two book reviews at the end of the show. My remark sounds like something one of the kids would have said about a book.

Great Scenes:
Jamie Lee Curtis's dance scene.
Machine gun firing as it falls down the stairs.
Tango scenes.

Instant Comments:
lol out of batteries... at 1 hr 34 min.

Eliza Dushku plays the daughter.