Movie Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

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Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) Steve Pink. 101 min.

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As a comedy, great. The language, drugs, and sexual content are similar to the material you would find in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004).

But I don't like the movie's plot (with regards to time travel). I have certain likes and dislikes with regard to time-travel related science fiction. This movie has major issues. The only way I can explain the movie to myself is to completely disregard time-travel. But certain details become a gigantic stretch.

Overall, the movie is good for cheap laughs, but if you're nitpicky about time-traveling plots like me, proceed with caution.

My Partial Explanation:
Basically, don't take the movie from the point where it began, but from the point before they enter the tub. So somehow at some moment in time, three of the characters received memories of a possible future. Something like A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens or the movie 13 Going on 30 (2004). Then there's the introduction of the kid, but as he's vanishing in and out, I suppose we can treat him like a ghost or apparition. Same like the repairman. Thus they're not changing anything, simply treat it as if it hasn't happened yet. However, all they're actions are based on as if it has happened. At the point where two of the characters and the kid supposedly leave, the two characters can't really leave, because their young selves must continue living. But the movie shows them return and acting as if they returned. So when they supposedly leave, we can say that the two characters blacked out and didn't remember anything. But they all live their lives. In this real future which isn't show, three of the four characters went to the lodge and got drunk or whatever and blacked out. The movie would pick up when they get out of the tub. Thinking they just changed the past, when really, they just got really drunk and imagined they had these big separate lives. Of course, they would have had to really lived the lives from the past to where they are now. In any case, they act as if their lives were changed, but really it didn't, they just think in their minds it did.

Instant Comments:
Lol, "It's just pee."
Literal LOL "Great white buffalo." "Why do you guys whisper it?" "Great white buffalo."
Whoa the hot tub scene is trippy.
Haha, "It's the douchebag from karate kid 3." "I know that guy."
Haha Alf!
Nick: Excuse me Miss, what color is Michael Jackson?
Girl At Bar:
Nick: AAHHH!
Title at 24 minutes.
LOL at 1 hour.
Lol Enrique Iglesia's Hero.

My Friend K.W.'s Comments: (in response to my post)
"I do fully agree with your time travel problems, but I almost think that is part of the point. It let them reference the 80s standby, The Terminator, and let The Butterfly Effect become a running gag. I think it's more about the journey because they are all varying degrees of Men-Children, so by going back and reliving when they were teens and getting it out of their system, they were able to grow up in one weekend.

On the other hand, this is one of my favorite movies and I overthink stuff."