Movie Gulliver's Travels (2010)

Watched 20110528 (DVD)
Gulliver's Travels (2010) Rob Letterman. 85 min [loosely botn Guilliver's Travels (1726) by Jonathon Swift]

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I thought this movie was alright. All the pop culture references were neat, but the movie didn't have incredibly funny material. In the end, this movie is on par with Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009).

Favorite Scene:
Jack Black's character Gulliver transcribe's the song Kiss by Prince to Jason Segel's character, who is courting Emily Blunt's character.

Memorable Scenes:
Guitar Hero with the little people.
Star Wars with the little people.
Titanic with the little people.

The credits are shown as if we're looking at a newspaper. But I didn't see all of the credits, just the first few scenes.

My Friend K.W.'s Comments: (in response to my post)
KW: I thought it had a good message. Most "Believe in yourself" stories revolve around children and teens, whereas there are still lots of adults with issues, especially ones with no ambition or who feel trapped in their lives.

The War musical number at the end though. That was terrible.

TCT: Hahaha. I agree with the message, perhaps that's what keeps the movie at "alright" and not "terrible."

KW: Yeah. I thought the musical number was a bit forced. I agree--without the heart it had, this movie would have been terrible. Butt jokes, lololol.