Movie The Butterfly (2002)

Watched 20110527 (Netflix, Instant) (English subtitles)
The Butterfly (2002) Philippe Muyl. 85 min.
also known as Le papillon (original title)

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Wonderful movie! Great all the way through. I love the contrast between Julien and Elsa.

I love this film about as much as I love Mary and Max (2009). The pacing of this movie feels a little bit faster than the pacing for Mary and Max. It doesn't affect how I feel the movie either way, it's just my observation.

The dialogue spreads itself out perfectly, occurring in various combinations of being witty, personal, and wise.

Perhaps I just love uplifting movies that contain a certain degree of hardship. Other than Mary and Max, I have Little Miss Sunshine (2006) in mind.

If you loved either Mary and Max or Little Miss Sunshine, you should try watching Le papillon.

I told my friend, "I absolutely loved The Butterfly."

Instant Comments:
So cute. Her riddles at 27 min. "Do you know how Captain Hook died? Scratching his balls." "Where did you learn such talk?"

"Their love hangs by a thread." Haha.

At 38 min, what a beautiful dream.

Great story about animals and man.