Movie Alien (1979)

Watched 20110528,9 (DVD 1001 from Eisenhower Library) (1979 Theatrical Release) (English subtitles)
Alien (1979) Ridley Scott. 117 min.

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This is an edge-on-my-seat sort of movie. I probably had a different first-time viewing experience of the first movie than most people, because I already watched the sequel Aliens (1986) and some of the plot elements from the first movie are discussed in the second.

I read my post on the sequel, and it seems like I would have to conclude I liked the first one better. For one, this one establishes an annoying character, but with redeeming qualities. Another point is this movie seems to carry more suspense than the other movie.

I wouldn't really know how the two movies differed simply because of a change in director. But they certainly differed and I'll stick to my intuition that this one is better than its sequel.

Awesome movie. labels it as a horror, sci-fi movie. This is appropriate and if you like or can tolerate these two genres then I highly recommend you watch this movie.

[Edit: I was talking to my friend about movies I've been watching, and I found some of his comments on Alien and its sequel Aliens spot on. His comments, altered grammatically, read "I like Ripley better in Aliens and there's action. However, the first one I love because it's so original. It blends 2 genres and sets the ground work that Aliens wouldn't have existed without." Of course, we differ in that he likes the sequel Aliens better, while I like Alien better.]

Why didn't the alien eat the cat?

Special Features Watched:
Deleted and Extended Scenes
01 Transmission
02 Kane's Weapon
03 A Slap in the Face
04 Waiting/A Quick Glimpse
05 Cocooned/Jonesy

Apparently Ian Holm played the role of Ash. John Hurt played Kane.

Love the opening title scene.

This sort of movie is just great for keeping me on the edge of my seat. If I think about it though, it usually has to do with the eerie music. Also, there tends to be slow movement, which is followed by rapid movement and/or sound. This gives the scare. Of course you have to randomize which scares are real and which are false.

34 minutes. Attachment.

39 minutes. Acid.

? minutes. Exit.

1 hr 7 minutes. Adult.

1 hr 20 minutes. Ash.

1 hr 32 minutes. Get out of the way!

The beauty with the alien is that it looks so mechanical.