Concert 20110515 Sunday Funday

May 15, 2011, Sunday Funday featuring Bobby Long, Justin Jones, Mason Jennings, Eric Hutchinson, Josh Ritter, and Amos Lee @ Pier Six Pavilion, Baltimore, MD.

So I wanted to catch the first act, because I saw the name Bobby Long in the list of Bonnaroo artists. Though looking at the Bonnaroo schedule, I just realized it wouldn't matter since I'd probably go see My Morning Jacket or some other artist anyways. In any case, I brought pen and paper to do my math on, so it was almost like listening to music on my computer, only now the music is live and I get to be outside enjoying the weather. I really only know Eric Hutchinson's and Amos Lee's music. Eric Hutchinson put on a great show. It was basically as entertaining as Before I Sold Out (2006), except its actually live. I love Amos Lee's music, he's less talkative than Eric Hutchinson, but that's alright. I'm happy he played a lot of songs I knew.

I plan to use my notes below to deduce most of Eric Hutchinson's setlist and Amos Lee's setlist. For now, you can browse my notes. The notes contains some of my opinions, some of the things the artists said on stage, and snippet of lyrics from the songs I heard.

Sitting at the flagpole. This is my view. I can make out the person, my phone camera can't.

Transcribed Notes: (Comments added at the time of the blog post are in brackets [])
2:00 first act
electric guitar
sounds alright
music is rocking
vocals are "rock"
not soothing
sometimes country sound
end at 2:44ish

I saw they were giving out these Sun Drops.
I was thirsty, and so I decided to miss part of the second act to grab some.
Pretty tasty.
3:10 second act begins
livelier sound
their third or so song had harmonica
I see two guitars, bass, trumpet, sax
The first guitarist is off to the left, the second guitarist is center stage and seems to be the lead singer, he has the harmonica around his neck. The first guitarist on the left was wearing a white cowboy hat.
"Don't you break my heart"
Something else
Last song.

After the third act, I needed to use the restroom and I needed food.
I decided to go to the sushi place. I got Philadelphia roll and Bagel roll.
It was alright. I've definitely had better sushi elsewhere.
Just admiring the scenery.
Acoustic electric
"One of these days I will come"
"Things are so much better..." "friends I love"
This artist has a Jack Johnson sound.
music makes me sway
You loved someone
This guy also does harmonica
-> "You got the love that I need... You were born by the sea. Memphis Tennessee."
"Slide right down...
Speed of light not of sound...
all of these horses and all of these men"
"This song is a joke"
"Sleeping together in the lions den... yeah yeah..."
"Every sep I take... every move I make..."
"California... North of San Francisco"
Mason Jennings
New song: Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor.
Point out it's a beautiful day... a couple more for you...
harmonica -> "I took a train... I want to be together. apart. heart."

The first few raindrops have fallen on me.
I made various attempts at capturing the downpour.
I'm not really satisfied with any of the attempts.
Instead, this picture has where I'm hiding from the rain,
and shows a not so rainy sky off in the distance.
5:33. Eric Hutchingson
How you doing Baltimore?
"Talk is cheap..."
Thank you guys so much.
Thank you...
Brand new album.
This song is called Lisa...
It seems he gets into it and moves around more than the previous artists.
Even for a new song audience participant
I said no no no no no no
I said
I said
switches from electric to acoustic elect while drums
... if you know. I encourage you to sing along.
"It all over now."
how you guys doing back there on the lawn.
all you guys got to do is sing "oh oh oh ooo"
this guys ready, he's got a beer in his hand
competition here lawn. here in the seats.
alright one mroe shot.. I like it
chair seats I love it
one more chorus then together
moves to keyboard for the next song
having a great time... I'm from Maryland originally
Back to guitar.//This guys from Ohio. Maryland. I'm an Orioles fan.
New song. guys need to welcome it to the club. Song title
First (?) then cheer. "Into first base."
How are your hands doing guys? but on the beat...
But we need you to commit to the whole song. can you do it?
You got to commit.
"Watching you watch him."
It's about being in love w/someone who is in love w/someone else.
((lol I feel the clap died. not sure.))
((at 6:11 under this structure beats being on the lawn. some people brought umbrellas))
"It's alright with me..."
he's on keyboard.
You guys read to dance? Who's ready to stand up.
funky beat plays
electric guitar. "You don't have to believe me..." bass solo. keyboard solo.
Hey Hey . .
"You can get w/this and you can get w/that. You can get w/this and you can get with that." done song.
keyboard. You don't have to sit down.
-. It's about ...
Whistling intro. "We all learn to survive. Don't look how..."
"These are the best days of our lives."
((I think he said this is the title [best days of our lives]))
Acoustic electric. You guys are (?)
I hope you're having a good time.
If you're just joining us. My name is Eric Hutchinson.
... CD ... I'll be out there... single...
((something about sept)) "Break down more"
((he finally put it on the album))
he thumps his guitar in this song
((down pour))
he sings my girl on electric
He mixes in ignition remix. Back to my girl.
Transitions right into rock and roll. [the song]
He says thanks. And goes around to peeps on instruments and [says] where they're from.
Does a live soloish chorus of the song [rock and roll]
lead [vocal] parts are improvised

The guy in the picture isn't wet from the rain,
he got out of the boat to untie it from the dock,
but fell in the water. His friends asked if he needed help.
[[No comments exist for Josh Ritter, because I wasn't familiar with his music, and decided to only listen to a couple of his songs. Opting instead to go get food and drinks. See Guinness 20110515.]]

Start of Amos Lee's performance.
He's the one in the spotlight. As I mentioned in one of the above pictures,
my phone camera can't see what I can see with my eyes.

Three or so songs, how could you be so careless.
People tell me to keep on dreaming.
Ty very much baltimore.
You better tell me the truth sir.
Keep it loose keep it tight but extra slow and chill.
Prev acoust.
I believe in the power of love electric. Ty very much.
Short sayings mostly.
Some song on electric.
Elect again.
Something grace something face.
He does some talking at this next song, the lights come up on the aud.
I wanna love... Peeps dancing up front.
Imma get it right all through the night... Front to the back.
(real slow jam) guest vocalist.
Hey girl I hear they have good crab cake in maryland... ...
Let me get a taste of delicious crab cake... Something, let you have a taste of my tartar sauce. Shower of love. i wanna love. I want a Natty Boh.
Jesus sweet help me now.
Introduces band. Steel guitar. Guitar. Keyboard. Drums.
Whoa... Black river, gonna take my cares away... He said hes gonna finish up with something.
Rockandroll. Oh my new found friend... 1005. Lights off.
Cheater, I don't want to see you no more. Show up on my front door. Next time you see that @$$hole, do one thing for me...
People scream for one more. Hey darling broken hearted.
Chasing that old time feeling and I burned a...
Let it all hang out, let that rock and roll hang out. Upbeat song.
Take me out tonight. Lights rotating...

The blue light which is rotating around the audience.
It rotated up and across the water two or three times.
The other side of the men's restroom door at Dick's Last Resort.
I had to use the restroom after the end of the concert.
I waited at this bus stop. CHARLES ST & REDWOOD ST nb.

Website Information:
Featuring Amos Lee, Josh Ritter, Eric Hutchinson, Mason Jennings, Justin Jones and Bobby Long
Presented by WRNR
Sunday, May 15
12:30pm Gates
$65 - $20

Approximate Set Times:
Bobby Long 2-245
Justin Jones 310-355
Mason Jennings 410-510
Eric Hutchinson 530-645
Josh Ritter 710-825
Amos Lee 850-1020

A tremendous lineup that highlights six of today’s most engaging acts. Featuring headliners Amos Lee, Josh Ritter and Eric Hutchinson and rounded out nicely by Bobby Long, Justin Jones and Mason Jennings, this “Sunday Funday” is going to be a great way to end a beautiful Spring Weekend – out on the water, drink in hand and listening to songs by your favorite artists.

The lineup speaks for itself; this is going to be one of those shows you talk about seeing for the next twenty years – great music in a great atmosphere. Come see the acts that you already love, discover new ones you’ll learn to love and bring good company – we want this to be a Sunday Funday to remember!

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