Video Game Portal (PC) (2007)

Portal (PC) (2007)

Title Screen after Beating the Game
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20110417: [20120717]
Save files:
Testchamber 08 Sun Apr 17 09:43:02 2011
Testchamber 08 Sun Apr 17 09:43:16 2011
Testchamber 10 Sun Apr 17 15:55:03 2011
AUTO SAVE Testchamber 16 Sun Apr 17 16:40:17 2011
Testchamber 18 Sun Apr 17 19:05:58 2011
Testchamber 19 Sun Apr 17 19:46:11 2011
AUTO SAVE Testchamber 19 Sun Apr 17 19:57:06 2011
Testchamber 19 Sun Apr 17 21:15:21 2011
Testchamber 19 Sun Apr 17 21:16:17 2011

Goodbye Companion Cube :-(
Steam says I acquired the fully powered Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device at 3:55pm and completed the game at 9:14pm. Thus I estimate having spent 4 to 5 hours on my first playthrough.

I started a new game a couple minutes after midnight.

Save files:
Testchamber 14 Tue Jul 17 00:38:19 2012
Testchamber 19 Tue Jul 17 01:45:49 2012
AUTO SAVE Testchamber 19 Tue Jul 17 01:45:52 2012
AUTO SAVE Testchamber 19 Tue Jul 17 01:46:29 2012

I stopped upon entering Testchamber 19. I probably have about an hour of gameplay for the story mode left.

Cake! Wait a minute...
The game mechanic is innovative. At first you simply use the portals given. Working through the test chambers you eventually get one of the two colors. You keep going until you eventually get both and the levels get a bit harder. I can't say I recall how hard the first 18 chambers were for me the first time around, but it only took me about an hour and 45 minutes to complete the first 18 chambers on my second playthrough.

Due to the game mechanic, the game is also fun and graphically well-designed. For example, positioning the portals in the right way can create an infinite looping image. Positioned in the right way, you can fall endlessly.

And last, but not least, you're bound to enjoy the robot's commentary. I know I do.

Tip: For some fun, you can dislodge security cameras mounted on portal-susceptible walls with your portals.

"Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton
I'm tempted to complete the new game I started on 20120717, but ultimately decide not to. ><

I completed the remainder of my second playthrough. I played from about 3:50AM ET to about 4:45AM ET. Note that on 20120717, I estimated having an hour of gameplay left. Yay me for correctly estimating. In total, I spent under 3 hours on my second playthrough.

1.0 hrs last two weeks / 9.0 hrs on record