Swimming 20110427

Yay, I haven't been swimming in a while. It was interesting, since my friend asked if I wanted to go and the idea became a desire. But when I got to the pool it was closed! Well, it was temporarily closed. I asked why, and the lifeguards said because there was a thunderstorm and they have to wait thirty minutes after the last sound of thunder, otherwise they'll actually close for the day. From the time I asked, they said there was about another twenty minutes to go. (I might be wrong about the thirty minutes, but that seems right) The friend who asked if I wanted to go decided to go home. On the other hand, I was still excited about swimming, so I went to go play a little basketball with a friend while waiting. At about 8:35 I stopped playing basketball and went to the pool to check to see it was open. Luckily for me it was! However, it would close at about 8:50 giving me about fifteen minutes of pleasure.

I did 10 laps, where one lap is to one end of the pool and back. I believe it's a 25 yard pool. As such, I guess I did 500 yards. I did every 100 approximately on 3 minute intervals. I threw a couple of flip turns on some of the last few laps. The last 100 was when the lifeguard said it was almost time to close the pool and I asked how much time was left and she said 2 minutes.

Thus, while I didn't get a lot of swim time in, it was still fun. Oh, I also got to use my prescription swim goggles for the first time. They're more like reading glasses in the sense that both lens are the same prescription, but since I would only be using them for short periods of time, it's not crucial they match my real prescription.

Today's Gear:
Prescription Goggles
Dry-Off Sport Towel

I mentioned wanting to throw swimming into my mix of activities in a recent post.

I wrote "2 minute intervals" above, but I realized today (20110429) that would have been exhausting and changed it to "2-3 minute intervals."

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