Note: Graduate School 20110423

I was about to go to sleep, but suddenly I thought, I only have about two or three posts on this blog regarding graduate school. Perhaps if I had started this blog at the start graduate school, I'd have lots more to say. As it stands, let me summarize the bulk of life here in Baltimore.

Rough Summary of Life:
Temporary living situation for about two weeks.
Moving into apartment was a pain.
Luckily found capoeira in September. It gave me energy.
A lot of enthusiasm went into being a TA.
Studied studied studied.
Passed qualifying exams.
Taught a course during the summer.
Hadn't gone to a single coffee hour my first year. Bummer.
Choose advisor. Decisions decisions.
Various activities come and go: swimming, parkour, lion dance, etc.
Made decision. Learn.
Taught a course during the summer.
Third year starts, set date for oral exam.
Capoeira batizado, exciting.
Started modern dance. Fun.
Started cooking. Yay.
Lots to learn. Pass.
Given a paper to read.
Fell out of habit of cooking.
Learning yo-yo.
Recognize improvement on guitar.
Started playing on the drums in the practice room.
Started rock climbing at JHU. Yay, I remember how much I enjoyed it.
Given a new paper to read. Asked to compute something.
Putting some extra punch into being a TA. Hate grading. Love answering questions via blog.
Learning to solve Rubik's cube quickly.
Resumed cooking.

Current Status: Thinking about computation. Ups and downs.

Current Activities (most active to least): modern dance TWTh, rock climbing M, guitar, drumming, b-boying, cooking, capoeira

Desired Changes/Additions would include: running, swimming, reading books

Comments: While I took few classes this and last semester, I might want to branch out, just a little, to cover some gaps that might be missing in my knowledge related to my research. I think what I have done so far is appropriate, I didn't take too few, and I didn't take too many classes. I do regret not paying more attention in some of my classes. However, the bulk of the information still sank in and helped when trying to relearn the information.

Motto: Enjoy learning.

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