Game Chess 20110427

Played 20110427 1723-1829EST 1hr06min Arash (White) Me (Black). (officially) Arash won.

Start of the Game

Arash's open interests me. We briefly discuss his advantages and my choices.


Arash played Re1+ for the win.
I don't think we played it out, but the endgame is clearly: ... Rd1. Rxd1# 1-0

Going back to the branch point, the game proceeds and gets here.

After various exchanges we get into this position.
I got my king to prevent his pawns from advancing.
I can't remember whose turn it is, but from this position, I won.
I don't know how I won, looking at the board, it seems white might have had a chance. At least to force a stalemate.

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