Running (and Walking, and Biking)

I decide to go running for the first time in a long time. Sinan and Arash were going. However, Arash ended up doing a half-mile on his own. I did a warm-up lap. And then started stretching. While Sinan, when I started stretching, started and had finished two laps before I joined him. 10 laps is a mile. After he finished his ten laps, he ran with me until I finished, so he did twelve laps and I did ten laps. His mile time, and so approximately my mile time, was about 9 minutes.

I had decided to go for a faster half mile. At first the goal was 4 minutes = 240 seconds. Then the pace would be 48 seconds per lap. I told Sinan, we can do 45 seconds per lap, and he was doubtful. That would be 3 minutes 45 seconds for the half mile. In any case, I said fine. Of course during the run I was able to set the pace and we were making good time. The final time was 3 minutes 34 seconds. Possibly 3 minutes 30 seconds for me, since I sprinted a small distance ahead of Sinan. In any case that would work out to be 42 seconds per lap.

An important point was being consistent with each lap.

I took a cool-down lap.

For the future, I will always run three or four miles, but at rotating distances. So I can six half miles, three separate miles, two two miles, a mile and then a two mile, a three mile, or a four mile. I should run them at 120% of my goal.

Arash, Reza, and I played some tennis. It's hot and humid out, but playing tennis kind of takes your mind off of the temperature. This is my third time playing tennis this year. The first time I played with Arash. The second time I played with Matt. We just rally. The first time I held the racket with both hands, with the left-hand dominating. The second time, I decided to hold the racket with just the right hand. I recall the muscle that moves the thumb was extremely sore. Today, I noticed my backhand needs a lot of work. But overall, my forehand stroke contacts the ball in front of me with the plane of the racket perpendicular to the plane of the ground. In any case, we decide to run afterwards on the track around the lacrosse field; the gym is still closed. Arash suggests to run for 16 minutes, and after the first two minutes, we ran one lap, so I tell him we should do 2 miles. He says okay. We progressively speed up during the run, putting in a lot of power during the eight lap. I'm not dead tired at the end, but I definitely paced myself nicely. Arash used his phone to time us, so our 2 mile time is something between 16 and 17 minutes. I didn't realize it at the time, but apparently 15.6 minutes is 120% of my goal two mile time.

My first use of my new Vibrams! Ran 2 laps around the neighborhood. Using Google Maps, I figured this was about .84 mile/lap. This would be a total of 1.68 miles. Then I ran the extra quarter mile from my house to the nearby park. Thus I did about 2 miles today. Oddly, I took a picture to mark when I finished the 2 laps, but didn't take a picture to mark when I started the 2 laps. After the run, I messed around on the park playground. See Parkour 20110617.

See Surfing 20110621.

I wore my Tevas. Josh and I walk the Santa Ana River trail. We start at Bard Park, Huntington Beach. When we meet the Santa Ana River trail, we have three options, going north along the west side of the river, cross the bridge and walk north along the east side of the river, or walk south along the west side of the river towards the beach (2.3 miles away). I guess we could also cross the bridge and walk south. In any case, we decide to cross the bridge and walk north. I was wearing shorts and a light jacket, so going south towards the beach would have been too cold. We walk at least to the beginning of the Mesa Verde Country Club, Costa Mesa. Thus we walked approximately 1.5 miles. We started around 9:15 PM, and turned back at around 9:45. We got back to the car at around 10:30 PM. I can't believe we walked 3 miles.

During the walk, we could see the Disneyland fireworks. We were wondering why we saw the fireworks to the left of the river. At the time, we knew Disneyland was at the end of and to the west of Harbor. I figured we were close to Harbor, because eventually the trail hits Harbor (at Warner). But Josh knew we hadn't passed Euclid yet, and just figured the streets curve weird. Looking at the map today (20110628), it turns out we were traveling north of northeast. In hindsight, we should have been able to deduce this, because we knew various intersections between the trail and parts of the city, and for these intersections to occur, the trail must run diagonally.

Because the direction threw us off, we took some time pondering whether or not we were seeing Disneyland fireworks. But at one point, we saw the white ones that get fired vertically and we knew they were Disneyland fireworks. I can't remember which part of the show that is. In any case, they always begin at around 9:25 PM, and here in Fountain Valley, we usually hear them. It's nice to know you can also see them if you wanted. Obviously, you'll get a better view of the show from right outside the gates, or even Downtown Disney, and I hear a superb view is inside the park and as close to the castle as you can be.

We also estimated how long it would take to walk to Disneyland, roughly from where we were. We overestimated, thinking the distance might have been 15 miles. From Mile Square Park, Fountain Valley to Disneyland is roughly 8 miles. And Google Maps says a walker would take about 2 hours and 40 minutes. That's walking at a speed of 3 miles an hour.

I wore my Tevas. I went with my parents, Uncle, and little cousin to the beach today. We walked out to the beach and back for a little extra exercise. It's about a half mile walk. Part of the half mile is walking down Brookhurst. Our walk ends at the shore of Huntington Beach, at the area corresponding to the intersection between PCH and Brookhurst. At the beach we dig a small hole, about half a foot deep, I swim a little, and I help my little cousin jump the waves a bit. At first, my cousin would only go about ankle deep, following and fleeing from the front of the lapping water. We got him to go about knee deep and then about waist deep. After about four or five great jumps waist deep, we called it a day, but I could sense his attitude about the waves change from one of fear to one of delight. This attitude could easily reset the next time he goes to the beach, but it was cool seeing the change in attitude.

I wore A.E. sandals. See Surfing 20110627. At first it came as a surprise to me that my 20110627 bike ride comes out to be about the same speed as my 20110617 run. However, I realized that if I put as much energy from that run into my bike ride, I would have been going much faster.

Another day hanging out with my little cousin. He was much more enthusiastic about the waves today. Running in and out, sitting down, and letting the water line reach his waist. In any case, we went SE down along the shore and in front of tower 2, where an outlet of water lets out to the ocean. Then I swam parallel to the shore from tower 2 to tower 3, and walked back. I took a rest every now and then, the water was too much for me to swim nonstop. In terms of distance, it was barely anything, about .1 miles or 200 meters. That's only 8 lengths of a 25 meter pool or 4 lengths of a 50 meter pool.

See the Running (and Walking, and Jogging) 20110707 post. It gets its own posts due to the number of pictures I took during the workout.

See Surfing 20110713. My bike times are similar to 20110627. I wonder if going away from where I park is uphill and going towards is downhill, requiring more effort going away from where I park compared to going towards where I park.

Throughout the summer, I did a lot of walking to and from the beach; many unrecorded trips similar to 20110703 with my little cousin. Today I went for a morning walk starting from my home, roaming randomly around campus, and back. I went between 8:35 am and 9:14 am. I walked approximately 3590 or 4350 steps. I plan to start keeping track of the number of steps I walk everyday again. I'll record it in a blog post.

20110309: Ran >9:00 mile. Ran ~3:30 half mile. ~42 seconds/lap.
20110530: Ran >16:00 2 mile.
20110617: Ran 2 miles.
20110621: Walked 3 miles. Walked 2 miles.
20110625: Walked ~1:20:00 3 mile.
20110626: Walked half mile. Swam a little. Walked half mile.
20110627: Biked ~20:00 2 mile. Biked ~17:00 2 mile.
20110703: Walked 1 mile. Swam a little. Walked 1 mile.
20110707: Ran ~27:00 3 mile. Walked ~12:00 half mile. Jogged ~10:00 mile. Other ~7:00 half mile. Ran ~4:00 half mile. Other ~7:00 half mile.
20110713: Biked ~19:00 2 mile. Biked ~17:00 2 mile.
20110922: Walked ~39 min ~4000 steps.

2.5 minute half mile. 30 seconds/lap. 120%=3m=36s/lap. Set 20110311.
6 minute mile. 36 seconds/lap. 120%=7.2m=43.2s/lap. Set 20110311.
13 minute two mile. 39 seconds/lap. 120%=15.6m=46.8s/lap. Set 20110311.
21 minute three mile. 42 seconds/lap. 120%=25.2m=50.4s/lap. Set 20110311.
30 minute four mile. 45 seconds/lap. 120%=36m=54s/lap. Set 20110311.


  1. Tim you awesome. I hate running hahaha.

  2. Gah, it's been 11 days and I have yet to run again. Of course, all my other activities have already worn me down.