Movie The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)

Watched 20110211 (McNaughton Plan from Eisenhower Library)
The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) Grant Heslov. 94 min [bot book otsn (2004) by Jon Ronson]

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This was a funny movie. I liked it a lot. Though not many people felt that way. I wasn't sure why, and so I read a couple of short remarks on Rotten Tomatoes. What I learned was many people were disappointed in the movie as a satire. I just took the movie at face value.

I watched the Deleted Scenes. One of them was an alternative scene to Ewan McGregor returning the feather to Jeff Bridges and during that scene McGregor slightly parts the clouds. Part of this scene was good, but the corresponding scene in the movie has better dialogue delivery.

I watched the Theatrical Trailer. It starts off presenting itself somewhat seriously, but then lightens up more towards the end. It only reveals little pieces and portrays certain scenes differently than how they appear in the film. For example the scene where Kevin Spacey's character predicts the other soldier's marriage won't work out is used comically in the trailer. One scene that they edited was when the soldier comes out butt-naked and open fires. The trailer edits the scene to make it look like he's wearing pants.

I guess a minor reason I liked the movie is that it is a short 94 minutes.

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