Movie Ratatouille (2007)

Released 20070629.
Watched 20070703 Theatre. Century 20 Huntington Beach [RATATOUILLE] 5:10 PM. $7.50
Ratatouille (2007) Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava. 111 min.

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Wonderful Disney-PIXAR movie.

It was funny. It was charming. The entire movie just flowed well for me.

I recall, however, that I didn't remember any of the character names some time after watching the movie; not even the name of the main character, Remy. (I was at Disneyland and there were two rats, and I said something like, "Those are the characters from Ratatouille! Er... What are their names?" Answer: Remy and Emile.)

Remy - protagonist (rat)
Skinner - antagonist (chef)
Linguini - sidekick? The wikipedia article used the word "deuteragonist" which is the second most important character. The page for "deuteragonist" mentions "tritagonist." The page for "tritagonist" had the following:
The part of the tritagonist emerged from earlier forms of two-actor drama. Where two actors only allowed for a principal character and his adversary, moving the part of adversary to a third actor (the tritagonist) allowed for the second actor (the deuteragonist) to play roles as a confidant or aide to the principal character, and thereby elicit greater character depth from the principal character by having the protagonist explain their feelings and motivations to an on-stage listener.
Django - (Remy's father)
Emile - (Remy's brother)
Anton Ego - (food critic)
Gusteau - (great chef)
Colette - love interest (chef)

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