Game In the Year of the Dragon 20110101

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Played 20110101 Michael (P:71) Josh (G:97) Kevin (R:91) Me (B:114). Kevin first. I won. [The Great Wall of China][The Super Events: Tornado] 2227-2408PST 1hr41min.

I'm not certain of the initial turn order, because the table order of the pictures is Josh, Kevin, Michael, me, but my shorthand notes reads: "Kev pyrotax me pyromonk mic conctax josh farmermonk".
I recall getting the double dragon privilege first. The current numbers would mean that Kevin started with 8=5+3, I started with 11=5+6, Michael started with 4=1+3, and Josh started with 10=4+6.

Lol! I took the starting picture that includes the determined turn order! From first to last, Red, Blue, Purple, Green. That is, Kevin, me, Michael, Josh. Though that leaves me to wonder why I didn't take pictures of the start game to various games in the past. The order of the events is definitely worthy of reporting and yet I never decided to capture the starting position until this game. I also never recorded starting people before this game.

Starting events and starting order.
The Super Event: Tornado.
Prior to final scoring.
Final scoring completed. Table view.
Closer view.
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