Game Carcassonne 20110124

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Played 20110124 2126-2421EST 2hr55min Ryan (526) Me (481). Ryan first. Ryan won. [Basic][River][Wheel of Fortune][Traders & Builders][Inns & Cathedrals][Bridges, Castles, and Bazaars]

448424 Base
00 00 Road
00 00 Cloister
11 00 Cities
00 27 Farm w/o Pig (My 27 is from 9 and 18)
48 20 Farm w/Pig
20 10 Extra from WBC
527481 Total

We probably could have done without the Wheel of Fortune. Possibly keep the tiles, but the definitely omit the Wheel itself.

Such a big board! It was my first time playing with the river. I'm not sure how much the gameplay changed, but it was definitely aesthetically pleasing.

Wheel of Fortune

The River

Gigantic End Game

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