Game Carcassonne 20101228

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Played 20101228 2237-2411PST 1hr34min Michael (101) Josh (142) Steve (116) Me (195). Michael first. I won. [Traders & Builders][Inns & Cathedrals]

Tiles before final scoring.

084087089119 Base
00 02 00 00 Road
08 11 08 08 Cloister (08;07,04;08;08)
06 10 01 00 Cities (06;01,09;01;00)
03 12 06 48 Farm w/o Pig (03;03,06,03;06;09,12,12,09,06)
00 00 12 00 Farm w/Pig
____CG___B_G Extra
101142116195 Total

The one big city was worth 57. Josh and I got in on that. We were fighting over it, and then he threatened to dominate it. At that point my only choice was to play against it. Luckily the tile came up that separated us. And eventually it completed, giving us each a man and builder back. I don't completely understand whether it is more beneficial to work together or compete in such circumstances. If we both lost out on that city, I would have still have won and Josh would have lost. I feel Steve and Michael should have tried harder to sabotage that city and that Josh should have helped me complete it when it was smaller, since I placed the cathedral there with that in mind. ::shrug:: Though my thinking could be incorrect. If Josh pulled the tile to connect into the city I would have lost on 57 points and he would have gotten 4 less points plus 3 points for 56 points. We discussed this hypothetical situation and concluded he would have won by 3 points. However, I realized today in the situation he joined his man in, I would have had an incentive to finish the city for the goods and my knight and builder back. If that did happen then Josh might not have gained the 20 points for goods. I enjoy a little hypothesizing.

The 57 point city. See the gray builder. Suppose the lake is to the east of the builder. Then the tile Josh used to try to dominate the city is the tile northwest of the gray builder.

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