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Played 20110115 Mark Ryan JaiUng Me. Ryan first. Ryan and I tied. [E-deck]

It's interesting to be a new player one day, and then the next day see how much knowledge you've gained just from one game. That is, the first game you play of Agricola, you can't possibly imagine what resources are valuable from the rules alone. Even if its described to you, you have no reason to believe it. Part of it is the player dynamic and the cards available. In any case, I'll rememeber the next time I introduce the game to new players, to just keep it simple and tell them, since its first game and you'll learn what you need to do after your first game. I've also considered implementing an adjusted time limit based on number of wins and games played. The times would be scaled so that the average player takes 30 minutes. Thus perhaps in a two player game between someone who has won a lot and a new player, it should be 20 and 40 minutes. I haven't played enough to know if this is reasonable, but it's just an example. I feel like this can make it more fun for both the experienced player and the beginning player. The experienced player gets a challenge out of working in a restricted time frame and the beginner feels more relaxed and gets more out of his/her first couple games.

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