Video Game Super Meat Boy (PC) (2010)

Super Meat Boy (PC) (2010)

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Several of my friends had good things to say about this game and I remember feeling excited when I bought the game during the Steam Winter 2010 for 66% off on 20101227. Being such a popular game, it could have also been acquired in the Potato Sack (April 2011), Humble Indie Bundle 4 (December 2011), and Humble Indie Bundle 5 (May 2012).

I have unlocked the following Steam Achievements:
20101227 9:34am Unlock a single retro warp zone
20110103 4:58pm Unlock the Head Crab (10 bandages)
20110103 6:58pm Unlock Ogmo
20110120 11:19am Unlock CommanderVideo
20110120 1:01pm Unlock the Machinarium Robot (30 bandages)
20110120 1:01pm Complete 5 retro warp zones

I love this game. It's an awesome platformer with great replay value. There are plenty of unlockable characters and every level has a target time to beat. If that target time seems simple, try beating your friends' best times. Unfortunately the game doesn't run on Steam Cloud and I didn't bring a copy of the save file from Maryland with me. I don't remember how far I got, but I did complete a majority of the game.

One of the best features with Super Meat Boy is the replay feature. After you successfully complete a level, the game replays all your attempts at completing the level. The camera will focus on the character that made it to the end, so you might not see all the attempts failing, but it's still fun to watch. You are also given the option to save the replay for later viewing.

So far I've made the following progress:
Ch 1: 100%;20;
Ch 2: 073%;09; 2-6X,2-20X lack A
Ch 3: 037%;03; Haven't even played Dark World
Ch 4: 032%;04; 4-1,4-20 lack A; Haven't Beaten 4-7,4-8; Haven't even played Dark World
Ch 5: 031%;04; 5-4 lacks A; Haven't Beaten 5-16,5-17,5-20; Haven't even played Dark World
Ch 6: 009%;XX; Beaten 6-1 with an A; Haven't eve played Dark World

I believe so far I've only played using a keyboard. But now that I have some gamepads, I will try playing with one.

Ch 2: Beat 2-6X,2-20X with an A
: I used Meat Boy for 2-6X and Headcrab for 2-20X. I also realized you don't need the first key.
Ch 3: Beat 3-1X to 3-7X with an A. Got Bandage for 3-6X. Didn't get Bandage for 3-5X,3-7X.

This game is addicting. You just keep trying a level over and over. And each time you play, you get further and further. Of course, no matter how many times you've already played, no two runs can be precisely the same (under the assumption you're playing the game manually). So you continue to mess up that beginning, when all you want to do is figure out the next part of the level. Maybe you start to get impatient. Maybe your pattern starts to evolve into something else. Maybe you suddenly realize you were doing something wrong. That is a sample of why one might love and/or hate Super Meat Boy.

Of course, the difficulty of Super Meat Boy is up to the player.

Gamepad vs. Keyboard:
Now that I've tried playing with the gamepad, I wouldn't go back to playing with the keyboard. The main game mechanics (run and jump) are more comfortable on the gamepad (right-hand thumb) than keyboard (left-hand pinky and left-hand thumb). And with a game that requires you to repeat the same actions over and over, I highly value comfort.