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20101201 ~11:55-~12:15
This quickly brought back memories of the cartoon:
Bad day bad day bad day...
One more thing!

Things I didn't remember, but enjoyed when they happened.
Seeing Jackie Chan appear throughout the opening credits.
"I have a niece?"
"Shield not important!"

Something I totally didn't remember:
The ending credit song. Maybe it is only for the pilot episode, but it sounded cheesy.

Of course, knowing how most of the story plans out, does ruin some of the excitement. Though it's still good to watch the action and go through the entire story. Especially because I wasn't able to finish the full series. I don't remember why not. I'm pretty sure I watched the first couple seasons...

Apparently the ending credit song is used for all of season 1. But then in other seasons the ending credit song is the same as the title song. Also, while I had remembered the bulk of season 1, I didn't remember many details, so it was fun to watch the first season over. And it'll be fun to watch the other seasons.

20101202 ~08:15PM-~08:35PM
Rooster goes missing. They discover it's power.

20101202 ~08:35PM-~08:55PM
Ox. El Fuerte and Paco!

20101202 ~08:55PM-~09:15PM
WTF, he taps the thing and it turns off... amazing...
"Tell me where the serpent sleeps."
Lol Jade and Viper. Jade in her little detective outfit.
Haha, "There is no honor among thieves?"
Jackie rides the moose.
Lol, "Can you blame me, it's my sign."
Nice, the statue of liberty disappeared.
Asked if he's afraid when doing students.

20101204 ~11:08PM-~11:28PM
Asked if Jackie likes to watch television.

20101204, finished 20101005
Haha: "No way he's human." "Bad day bad day bad day."
"That's crazy Jade, you're crazy."
Melvin the Mouse: "Smile for the camera." Shendu as Jade says, "I will devour your soul."
Uncle uses the chant for the first time.
This is also the first episode in which the good guys don't have a talisman in their possession.

20101205 ~02:15PM-~02:35PM
"Enter the Dragon"
"Puff the Magic Dragon"
They lose another one eh...
I guess the end credits song is growing on me.

20101205 ~02:35PM-~02:55PM
We see where Section 13 keeps the talismans for the first time.

20101205 ~02:55PM-~03:20PM
Lol, hay is for horses.
Let's see what's left, monkey, tiger. pig, dog.
Lol they furthered the "scout's honor joke."
Jackie is asked what his favorite color is.

20101205 ~09:30PM-~09:50PM
Uncle talks to Chan in Chan's unconsciousness for the second time. The first time was in the sheep episode I think.
"Jade's a monkey. Then I'm a monkey's uncle."
"Bad move bad move bad move."
Asked if Jackie has a pet. He basically says he's too busy to have a pet.

20101205 ~09:50PM-~10:10PM
Haha, "How much is that doggie in the windmill."
Interesting... (knowing later storyline) it's to be noted that Jackie told Tohru in this episode he should consider changing sides.
"Time to walk the dog."
Jackie tells us that Uncle's sign is the dog.
Hak Fu: The guy who calls out all his moves.
"Cat shakes off water."
Lol "Angry crow takes fly." "Thanks for sharing angry crow."
Oh okay, after that Hak Fu takes advantage of his move calling.
Pig talisman made of chocolate, haha.
Uncle talks to Uncle's unconsciousness.
Haha: The pig talisman was how he melted his chocolate.
Lol, "Time is not on his side."
Haha, the second time they run down the building.
Haha, "one cannot turn back the hands of time..."

20101205 ~10:15PM-~10:35PM
Tiger (last talisman to be obtained)
Why was the tiger talisman in a pie?
Haha, "mirror." I just watched the Marx brothers do the no mirror bit in Duck Soup.
"Got milk?"
"Laugh like circus clowns until they beg for mercy."
"Hey you didn't even let him finish."
Air guitar... haha.
Haha, "um, acka ah ah..."
Lol, "It's not nice to dropkick little girls."
Question: How was Jackie able to get pass the three security levels?

20101205 ~10:35PM-~10:55PM
The last episode continued.
Bad day bad day bad day.
"I am told Section 13 serves donuts on Thursday."
Lol, "Never question the inscriptions."
He gets sheep, then dragon.
"Who else wants a piece of Uncle?"
Monkey. But loses the monkey. That's weird. It would seem that Shendu should use the invisibility and other powers more.
Chan gets ox.
Jade gets dog. Chan gets rat.
In unison the agents say: "Magic must defeat magic."
Jade blows up Shendu with dragon.
So Uncle explains by destroying Shendu, there will be a new evil.
Tohru is on the good side.
"One more thing." Jade comes back from China.

Interesting, I just read that in terms of DVD release, only season one has been released in its entirety. But it was starting October 2010 that the entire series was made available on Netflix Instant. Awesome.

20101220 ~05:20PM-~05:40PM
Dragon Ox Monkey
Snake Pig Rabbit (Speed)
Tiger Dog Rat
Horse (Healing) Rooster (Levitation) Dog (Immortality)
Lol, switches pig and horse.

"Two and a half."

Ah, Shendu wanted to enter Jackie's body, but Valmont ruined it. Though in the next episode Valmont seems to be able to partially resist Shendu. Jackie would have certainly resisted and that would have been ridiculous for Shendu.

Which talisman would you want? All of them.

20101220 ~05:40PM-~06:00PM
Captain Black says Jade's "Aww."
They recovered all 12 talismans.
"Talismans are not important!"
Do you watch your cartoon series? Yes.

20101220 ~09:12PM-~09:33PM
I noticed that Jade tosses the Pan'ku box in the air during opening credits.

Have you ever refused a stunt? Yes. He talked about imagining a sequence of stunts. And that he wouldn't jump the grand canyon.

20101220 ~09:34PM-~09:55PM
Demon of the wind.
SnakeInvisibility RoosterLevitation RabbitSpeed
Dragon MonkeyChinchilla SnakeInvisibility
Fan the fan!
My face! Chinchilla! Chinchilla!
Chinchilla (
What kind of animal would you be? Eagle.

20101220 ~09:55PM-~10:16PM
He does his own stunts.
"Jade, how do you do that?"
The man who does his own stunts.
Lol: Jade never does nothing. I know, but I feel I have to say it anyways.

20101220 ~10:17PM-~10:39PM
Demon Jade

20101220 ~10:40PM-~11:00PM
Moon Demon.

20101220 ~11:00PM-~11:21PM
Sheep talisman to enter sleeping Uncle.

20101221 ~07:30PM-~08:00PM
Sky demon.
Aww: Jade and Tohru.

20101221 ~08:00PM-~08:20PM
Final, water demon.
Haha, "Don't be so sure Jade."
Haha, that was obviously coming: "I hate fish."
Are you a good swimmer? No, I'm very bad.

20101221 ~08:20PM-~08:40PM
Final gate closed. Yay.
Jackie, do you play any instruments?

20101225 ~12:30PM-~12:55PM
"I skim."
Jackie: Ox Dog
Jade and Uncle: Rooster Rabbit Snake Dragon
How many languages do you know?

20101225 ~12:55PM-~01:15PM
Mountain Demon. (Drum) Tohru.
Wind Demon. (Fan) Paco and El Toro.
Sky Demon. (Flute) Viper.
Thunder Demon. (Castanets)
Not now Paco.
Castanets in his pockets! Haha.
Shendu regains Ox.
Four remaining demons, Shendu included arrive.
Behold my mastery of pollo.
Jackie: I'm not immortal. Uncle: Excuses.
Water Demon gets back Roster. X Demon gets back Ox. X Demon gets back Rooster.
"Bad day, for Demons."
How many martial arts do you know?

20101225 ~07:10PM-~07:30PM
Haha old people kicking butt.
What's your favorite type of music/song?

20101225 ~07:30PM-~07:55PM
Jackie, do you miss your family?

20101225 ~07:55PM-~08:20PM
A story with a twist.

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