Movie The Departed (2006)

This movie is great and it gets to be the honor to be the first movie I watched while in CA and furthermore the first movie that I decided to watch despite having seen it before in CA.

I watched the theatrical trailer.

Great lines. Suspense. Surprising right down to the end. Well I remembered the very end, but it was still fun to watch.

One question I have with the movie, is what was in the envelope Costigan gave Madolyn? Wikipedia says that it was probably evidence, which makes sense. Haha, to me this wasn't obvious, while the fact that the baby is Costigan's, that to me is obvious, despite the movie never explicitly telling us this.

Watched 20101215 (DVD)
Watched once before (DVD)
The Departed (2006) Martin Scorsese. 151 min [remake of the movie Infernal Affairs (2002) Andrew Lau and Alan Mak]

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