Movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) George Roy Hill. 110 min. [based loosely on historical fact]

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Whoa, awesome movie, especially if you're a guy.

Instant Comments:
The opening credits certainly were different than other opening credits.

Who are they?
Lol. They consider jumping into the river:
Sundance: I can't swim!
Butch Laughs.
Butch: Why, you crazy? The fall will probably kill you.

I like the montage in the middle of the movie. The way the film switches to and from sepia tone has a nice way of setting the mood.
Since most of the credits played at the beginning of the movie, the end credits are really short. They play over a sepia tone still of the last frame.

I decided to watch this movie again with my dad. It is a great movie and I enjoyed watching it again. I still love the lines prior to the jump into the river. And the end was, as before, great. I did, however, fall asleep through part of the movie.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford make such a great team. They also did The Sting (1973) together.

I put this on to watch in the background while I graded. Reiterating what I've said before, this film has a great story and its always a joy to watch. I would, however, clarify what I said in my first entry. While I think a male viewer would certainly enjoy the movie, there really isn't anything in the movie that would dampen the viewing experience for a female viewer.

Instant Comments:
"And I can't even spot how you're cheating."
"Hey Kid, how good are you?" [fires the gun out of the belt, hits it another few times away on the floor]
Haha. That fight.

Their real names.
"Raindrops keep falling on my head..."
"All of them." "All of them!?! What's the matter with those guys!?!"
Haha. "Who are those guys?"

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