Game Power Grid 20101229

I seem to have misplaced the record of this game. I recall Michael won, I came in second, Josh came in third, and Steve came in last. This was the same order as we picked cities, that is, the reverse of the initial turn order.

The game could have turned out much differently depending on various critical "mistakes" in the game.


Elaborating, Josh felt Steve should have made some different choices as to building early game, and that Steve's failure to do so cost Josh the game. He also pointed out an error I made in building placement during the middle of the game. In addition, he pointed out that Steve made an error in power plant buying which would have saved Steve a lot of money.

Finally, Michael pointed out Josh should have run coal dry to prevent Michael's win.

Of course, we could have continued to do this thought experiment and dragged the game on to change the game completely. In hindsight, Michael's move to buy the coal power plant was risky.

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Played 20101229 JoshK MichaelT SteveN TimT. Korea. Removed Purple and Yellow. MichaelT won. 2140-2403PST 2hr23min. 14-15min/round. 3-4min/player.

Pictures are taken at:
9:30PM Determining either turn order.
9:34PM Turn order has been determined.
Start game 9:40PM Areas have been determined.
9:53PM Board and Market
10:06PM Board and Market
10:19PM Board and Market
10:25PM Board and Market
10:38PM Board and Market
10:55PM Board and Market Step 2 has occurred.
11:16PM Board and Actual Market, 11:17PM Board and Market, 11:17PM Board and Market Reordered and Updated (9 was removed so 23 was introduced)
11:31PM Board and Market
11:47PM Board and Market, 11:52PM Board, 11:52PM Market Step 3 has occurred.
End Game 12:03AM Table, 12:03AM Table, 12:05AM Market and remaining Power Plants, 12:05AM Michael's Power Plants, 12:15AM Table

Round 1 13min
Round 2 13min
Round 3 13min
Round 4 06min
Round 5 13min
Round 6 17min
Round 7 21min
Round 8 15min
Round 9 16min
Round 10 16min

JoshK MichaelT SteveN TimT. Korea. MichaelT won.
Gr Bl Pu Bl color
03 01 04 02 starting turn order
14 14 14 14 cities able to supply
13 14 12 14 cities supplied
11 67 30 01 money
13 17 12 14 cities
03 01 04 02 place

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