Game Power Grid 20101226

My choice of initial placement was bad. Placing close to another player isn't a bad idea. Better than bad placement.

The uranium ban rule of Portugal isn't that significant. At least not with the removal of the bottom area. And not without more competition.

The uranium coming out on step 2 is interesting. The energy plants that came out during step 2 didn't interest me.

Michael bought very few power plants during the game.

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Played 20101226 MichaelT KevinH SteveN JoshK TimT. Spain & Portugal. Removed Red. MichaelT won. 2113-2325PST 2hr12min. 14-15min/round. 2-3min/player.

Pictures are taken at:
Start Game 09:13PM
09:28PM Board and Market.
09:41PM Board.
09:48PM Board and Market.
09:55PM Board and Market.
10:12PM Board and Market. Step 2 has occurred.
10:26PM Board and Market.
11:01PM Board and Market. Step 3 has occurred.
End Game 11:25PM Board and Market, 11:25PM View of entire table, 11:25PM View of entire table

Round 1 15min
Round 2 13min
Round 3 07min
Round 4 07min
Round 5 17min
Round 6 14min
Round 7,8 35min
From the transition between the two pictures, many buildings were built. Thus while its possible only one round occurred, it's more likely that two rounds occurred.
Round 9 24min

Bk Rd Pu Gr Bl color
16 15 14 15 13 cities able to supply
16 15 13 14 13 cities supplied
52 03 17 19 08 money
16 15 13 14 13 cities
01 02 04 03 05 place

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