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On an early turn I didn't buy enough resources. I didn't know what I was thinking. I didn't buy resources thinking it wouldn't profit, but the jump in money would have been a profit. That sort of error happens in my board game thinking every so often (more specifically, I'll make a decision thinking it has certain consequences, only to realize that I miscalculated).

One round I bought too much, and I could have made the burst for a win a turn earlier than when I did end the game. And when I did end the game, since I had made a big commotion about being close to winning, everybody rushed to get what they needed.

Therefore, while the posted score shows a close game, it was possible for me to win uncontested. Though here's a different hypothetical. If Steve had bought two fewer cities, would the money he would have saved been enough to win? Possibly, but not necessarily, because I would have saved some money too.

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Pictures are taken at:
Start Game 2218
2255 board and market
2318 board and market
2338 board and market
2356 board and market
2417 board and market
2500 board and market
2530 my power plants, resources, and money, 2530 board and market
2554 board and market I think this is close to the end game, but comparing it with the next picture, there are less resources. Thus, we must have realized this is the last turn, let's buy the resources we need to supply.
2559 board and market, 2559 close-up of market with last card revealed.

Round 1 37 min
Round 2 23 min
Round 3 20 min
Round 4 18 min
Round 5 21 min
Round 6,7 43 min While possible, I'm guessing I just missed taking a picture and this was two round each about 21 minutes.
Round 8 30 min
Round 9 29 min

Bk Rd Pu Gr Bl color
13 16 16 16 16 cities able to supply
13 15 16 14 16 cities supplied
27 10 00 02 23 money
13 15 18 14 16 cities
05 03 02 04 01 place

Played 20101222 MichaelT KevinH SteveN JoshK TimT. Brazil. Removed Brown. TimT won. 2218-2559PST 3hr41min. 24-25min/round. 4-5min/player.

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