Game Carcassonne 20101224

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Played 20101224 MaiAnh (86) Lynn (83) Me (103). MaiAnh first. I won. [Basic]

Tiles before final scoring.
Scoring track before final scoring.

Final scoring completed.

Final scoring track.

Having played the game several times before, I had the clear advantage. But between MaiAnh and Lynn it was a close game. We all had several meeples left over at the end of the game, which was inefficient. I think newer players don't grasp the strength of farmland. Since I was ahead, I didn't need to dominate the huge farmland. If I did, that would have cost MaiAnh a lot of points. What was unlucky for Lynn was MaiAnh kept drawing the road,road,road,grass Lynn needed to get two of her meeples back. This shortened options. MaiAnh had made it difficult to finish. I had one meeple to retrieve had that road been completed. In any case, road,road,road,city wouldn't have worked since MaiAnh had blocked that possibility off with a tile. It was fun watching and hearing the grunts of disappoint and the cheers of the right draw.

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