Drink Highland Park, Bowmore

Highland Park, Bowmore

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Today I went with my family to a Mexican restaurant called Javier's and to drink I had two single malt whiskys, both on the rocks.

I liked the second (Bowmore) more than the first (Highland Park). But I was unable to describe their tastes.

Menu Description:
Highland Park 12 yr. $11.
smokey "garden on fire" sweetness, heathery, malty with a hint of sherry

Menu Description:
Bowmore 12 yr. $11.
smokey character of peated barley

Website Information:
Highland Park 12 Year Old, 40% abv

The first proprietary bottling of Highland Park single malt Scotch whisky was as a 12 year old in 1979. It remains the core expression of the Highland Park range and is a smooth, balanced single malt, with a rich full flavour and a gentle smokey finish.

Appearance: Glowing amber
Nose: Heather-honey sweetness; peaty smokiness
Palate: Rounded smoky sweetness; full malt delivery
Finish: Teasing, heathery, subtle smoke. Delicious

Take your time to appreciate the nose of Highland Park 12 and you’ll discover the characteristic honey sweetness followed by fruit – maybe pineapple, apple or pear. On the palate it is drying and leaves a gentle smokey feeling and a flavour that just keeps on going.

Website Information:.
Bowmore. Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Bowmore 12 Years Old
The colour is warm amber, and on the nose you'll pick up the trademark Bowmore peaty smokiness, along with subtle notes of lemon, honey and chocolate.

How to best enjoy our 12 years old: Our 12 years old is at one with the elements. To fully enjoy the aroma, savour it outside in the fresh air.

Food match: Why not enjoy it during a meal to accompany smoked salmon served with lemon and fresh black pepper on oatcakes?

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