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Watched 20101120, 20101121 Book One: Water
Watched 20101122, 20101123 Book Two: Earth
Watched 20101123, 20101124 Book Three: Fire
Avatar: The Last Airbender

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20101120 ~09:30PM-~10:00PM
Chapter One: The Boy in the Iceberg
The show starts off great. Immediately grabbing my interest. And Aang's personality is lovable. Of course the other two protagonists introduced so far are also interesting.

20101120 ~10:00PM-~10:30PM
Chapter Two: The Avatar Returns
This episode really gets action going and shows us what I would guess to be a taste of Aang's power.
Water, then Earth, then Fire.

20101120 ~10:30PM-~11:00PM
Chapter Three: The Southern Air Temple
We learn a bit about some connection Aang has with his Avatar spirit.

20101120 ~11:00PM-~11:30PM
Chapter Four: The Warriors of Kyoshi
Lol, the marble trick.
Haha, no-handed push-ups.
The change in color was pretty cool. Added a mood to the ending.

20101120 ~11:30PM-~12:00PM
Chapter Five: The King of Omashu

20101121 ~12:00AM-~12:30PM
Chapter Six: Imprisoned
Damn, ungrateful old man.

20101121 ~12:30AM-~01:00AM
Chapter Seven: The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1)

20101121 ~02:55AM-~02:20AM
Chapter Eight: Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2)

20101121 ~02:20AM-~03:45AM
Chapter Nine: The Waterbending Scroll
The cabbage! Haha.

20101121 ~03:45AM-~03:10AM
Chapter Ten: Jet
Katara's use of water out of her canteen is awesome. Can't wait to see how that develops by the end of the show. Whoa, the ice!

20101121 ~03:10AM-~03:35AM
Chapter Eleven: The Great Divide

20101121 ~03:35AM-~04:00AM
Chapter Twelve: The Storm
It's great to learn some history on both the Prince and Aang. On the Prince's part, it gives me pity towards the Prince, and some of the plot further opens his character. I didn't realize it before, but at least two of the other episodes revealed his honorable character.
Being a children's cartoon, the plots within each episode can often be predictable. In particular, The King of Omashu episode with who the king was, and in this episode with Aang's story. Though in general, it's only predictable enough to be enjoying I suppose, because many plot points are surprising, the cartoon is really well written.

20101121 ~10:10AM-~10:35AM
Chapter Thirteen: The Blue Spirit
As I watch this episode, I'm reminded of my thought as to when the crew will get a new ally. At the moment, the Prince plays a sort of enemy-ally role where in my point of view, can possibly become the secretly an ally or disgruntled ally turned full ally. Certainly the idea of the greater evil has been introduced. But perhaps the show wants to introduce an even greater antagonist.

20101121 ~10:35AM-~11:00AM
Chapter Fourteen: The Fortuneteller
Lol, "Can your science tell you how it rains?" "Yes, yes it can."
I like how one of the previous episodes set up the bit about clouds being made of water.

20101121 ~11:00AM-~11:30AM

Lol, "Uncle I didn't see you get licked..." "Shhh..."

20101121 ~11:30AM-~12:00PM

Cool new powers and characters and development. Love the storyline.

20101121 ~12:00PM-~12:30PM

20101121 ~12:30PM-~01:00PM

I don't understand how come she didn't show this much skill before. Was it her anger that helped give her power?

20101121 ~01:00PM-~01:30PM

Lol, "I wouldn't say mastered, but check this out." Snowman.
I'm glad Katara was praised for her water bending. I suppose she has both the discipline and potential.

20101121 ~01:30PM-~02:00PM

I love every time there is a color change. It is an artistic type of freshness, that compliments the plot being fresh.
End of Book 1. Great ending.

20101122 ~12:00PM-~12:30PM
The Avatar State

20101122 ~12:30PM-~01:00PM
The Cave of Two Lovers
I love whenever stories are told, because they tend to be done in an artistic style different from the main story. The last time a story was told nicely was Aang telling the story in a Great Divide.

20101122 ~01:00PM-~01:30PM
Return to Omashu

20101122 ~01:30PM-~02:00PM
The Swamp

20101122 ~02:00PM-~02:30PM
Avatar Day
Interesting in that the confession to me reveals that the event was accidental, but no one from the village seems to see it as such. Anyhow, I like the story for explaining why Kyoshi is an island.

20101122 ~02:30PM-~03:00PM
The Blind Bandit
Yay, the extra follower I was waiting for!
Also, lol, "Water tribe..."

20101122 ~03:00PM-~03:30PM
Zuko Alone
I like how the show carefully balances Zuko on the tip, sometimes we have reason to like him and sometimes we have reason to dislike him.

20101122 ~06:30PM-~07:00PM
The Chase

20101122 ~07:00PM-~07:30PM
Bitter Work

20101122 ~07:30PM-~08:00PM
The Library

20101122 ~08:00PM-~08:30PM
The Desert

20101122 ~08:30PM-~09:30PM
The Serpent's Pass

20101122 ~09:30PM-~10:00AM
The Drill

20101122 ~10:00PM-~10:30AM
City of Walls and Secrets

20101122 ~10:30PM-~11:00AM
The Tales of Ba Sing Se

20101122 ~11:00PM-~11:30PM
Appa's Lost Days

20101122 ~11:30PM-~12:00AM
Lake Laogai

Uncle Iroh is an awesome character.
In fact my favorite.

20101123 ~06:00PM-~06:30PM
The Earth King

20101123 ~06:30PM-~07:00PM
The Guru
Toph the "metalbender."

20101123 ~07:00PM-~07:30PM
The Crossroads of Destiny
They're pushing my patience with Zuko.

20101123 ~07:30PM-~08:00PM
Book 3:
The Awakening

20101123 ~08:00PM-~08:30PM
The Headband

20101123 ~08:30PM-~09:00PM
The Painted Lady

20101123 ~09:00PM-~09:30PM
Sokka's Master
I love the scene after the guard gives Iroh food.
Lol, Aang in the armor.
::Clap clap::
"Funny how?"

20101123 ~09:30PM-~10:00PM
The Beach
"What a monster I was." Music stops. "Of course it was true..."

20101123 ~10:00PM-~10:30PM
The Avatar and the Firelord
Lol: "Just hold hands."

20101123 ~10:30PM-~11:00PM
The Runaway
Lol... the sweat was cool. The armpit sweat was kind of cool but also disgusting.
Combustion man. Haha.

20101124 ~11:00AM-~11:30AM
The Puppetmaster

20101124 ~11:30AM-~12:00PM
Nightmares and Daydreams
"And this time I brought pants!"
Major lol: "Want to try screaming into this pillow?" ::sheep::
Lol, this episode is just cracking me up.

20101124 ~12:00PM-~12:30PM
The Day of Black Sun Part 1: The Invasion

20101124 ~12:30PM-~01:00PM
The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse

20101124 ~01:00PM-~01:30PM
The Western Air Temple
Haha, Zuko pretending to be Uncle. And then Azula.
Wait a minute, Toph knows when people are lying, how come she didn't sense that Zuko was telling the truth.
Haha, after I wrote it, the scene plays with Toph says he's telling the truth.
Nice: "I'm beginning to wonder who's the blind one around here."
Toph knows it was an accident and the others are just going crazy about it.

20101124 ~01:30PM-~02:00PM
The Firebending Masters

20101124 ~02:00PM-~02:30PM
The Boiling Rock, Part 1

20101124 ~02:30PM-~03:00PM
The Boiling Rock, Part 2

20101124 ~03:00PM-~03:30PM
The Southern Raiders

20101124 ~03:30PM-~03:55PM
The Ember Island Players

20101124 ~03:55PM-~04:20PM
Sozin's Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King

20101124 ~04:20PM-~04:45PM
Sozin's Comet Part 2: The Old Masters

20101124 ~04:45PM-~05:10PM
Sozin's Comet Part 3: Into the Inferno

20101124 ~05:10PM-~05:35PM
Sozin's Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang