Movie Year One (2009)

Watched 20101104 (Netflix, Instant)
Year One (2009) Harold Ramis. 97 min.

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Sometimes a good ridiculous comedy is a good break from the monotony. And this movie had some good ridiculous laughs. There's little depth to the movie and the plot consists of various events strung together.

I'd like to clarify that little depth is okay when that's when you expect from a movie. And so for some purposes a movie can lack depth and still be a good movie.

The beautiful Olivia Wilde is in this movie. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is also in this movie. Note: I've been going through all the labels and removing labels for actors and actresses who don't have at least three posts to their name. Perhaps eventually I'll require at least four. However, I still want to make some note of actors and actresses I've seen before.