Movie Anastasia (1997)

Watched 20101130 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched at least once before when I was a kid... Most likely around the time the movie came out on VHS... Assuming this was the case, 1998, I was about 12... Interesting.
Anastasia (1997) Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. 94 min. [based on live-action film otsn (1956)]

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One gripe I have with the movie is that Rasputin's powers were questionable. To some extent he seemed powerful, and yet he failed horribly at destroying Anastasia. Perhaps there are rules involved in wreaking havoc which I don't understand.

In regards to the character voices, first, I definitely noticed Meg Ryan's voice. Of course, it helps that I've seen several of her movies and already knew she was Anastasia's voice. Second, I didn't realize that Christopher Lloyd was Rasputin until seeing it in the credits. Third, I didn't pick up on John Cusack's voice, perhaps if I watched the movie again.

Overall, while I enjoyed the singing and most of the animation, the movie was imperfect.

Best Quote:
"Just wishing I could do the job for you, sir. I'd give her a HA! And a HI-YA! And then a OUU-WA! And I'd kick her, sir." - Bartok

Most Memorable Scene:
Anastasia remembers the cat, and they wonder that they didn't tell her that.

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