Capoeira 20101119

Ginga back (left leg back)
Ginga to the other side, esquiva baixa. (Right leg back)
Switch hands, planting the right hand down, not to far. Bring the right leg through parallel.
Role across (left leg pass right, right leg pass left).
Stay low. Then esquiva over to the right. Then reverse the role. Go to your left, role to the left, ginga back. It's important to look. It's important to keep your arm up.

Did in partners.

Across the floor. Ginga back. Step meia lua de frente. Back to center. Meia lua de frente across and armada. The leg swings around back. Step forward and then step to the side.

Next in partners we did just simple armada and esquiva. With the armada, the focus is to step across wide to have a good stance. But given the space, we couldn't practice that to it's fullest.

Then we did a combination of the esquiva sequence and armada. One person armadas and the other person esquivas away. Then switches and role to end up behind the person. The other person should turn to follow. When switching esquiva, wait for the other person to pass, and don't bring your head across the middle, carefully bring it up and to the other side.

Note: In general, when you ginga, don't make yourself vulnerable, keep at least one arm up.

Across the floor. I don't remember the full set up into it. I think it's just armada, turning around and step forward into negativa. Role across that leg, au cabeza in the direction you came. Remember to spread your legs as much as you can. The au cabeza ends in a negativa. Press up and out.