Capoeira 20101118 Samba Reggae

I just stayed today for the music playing and then participated in the beginning samba workshop. I needed to conserve my energy for my one choice of relaxation for the weekend: watching the Harry Potter midnight showing (well 3:15 am IMAX showing).

Samba Reggae Sequence (Across the floor):
Step to the right one, two, step to the left one two, right one, two, left, one, two. Turn to the left and right arm comes forward, up one bend two, left arm one, two, and when doing so you hop forward, so four hops, then about face and do it the other direction. The face forward again and repeat that first part. Then basic samba reggae step, two eight counts (two set of eight steps). For the next part that gets repeated twice: Right arm raises, left arm raises, clap, clap, hop to the right, one, two, three, four, raise, raise, clap, clap, hop to the left, one, two, three, four, kick and punch to the left, step backward to the right, two, three, four, kick and punch to the left, back, two, three, four, to left, two, three, four, to the right, two, three, four. Like I said, this is repeated. Thus there is Part 1, repeat Part 1, basic step, Part 2, repeat Part 2.