Capoeira 20101116

I just came at the beginning of class to practice playing music with the band. Otherwise, the capoeira class itself is just transcribed from observation.

Sample Warm-up
Arm over over and behind your head
Reach up on your toes.
Rotate your head.
Pull your head to the side.
Open your feet double shoulder width apart.

Sample Warm-up
Swing side to side
Arm over and stretch to the right.
Side lateral.
Left leg back.

First main warm-up sequence:
Esquiva to the left. Switch, right replaces the left. finish back. ginga to the other side. switch (front goes back, back goes front) kick straight. kick circle.

Jumping jacks.
Jump side to side
High Knees
Rotate right leg.
Right leg behind
Right leg in front (knee)
Open to the right. Open your hips. Now take the right hand off.
Extend the right leg in and out 6 times.
Cross the leg.
Bend the left leg.
Stretch your left.
Down to the floor.
Step across, bend your legs, look through your legs.
Stretch both legs.
Stretch to left foot. Right.

Esquiva in center
Armada opposite direction
Switch leg (front leg back, back leg forward)
Step inside stay low, in direction of the next armada.
Armada opposite the original armada.
Notes: Step inside low, bend the legs.

Down the floor:
Yellow Up: Armada, extra turn around, land inside, the back foot steps forward to negativa, turn around (like with role), macaco, one leg lands, the other steps across, and then role
Yellow-White: Armada, switch legs like pasada, step inside negativa, role across, cocarinha, au
When you bring yourself around, hide your head. Don't stop in between the movements.

Partners: Yellow down.
A: armada
B: Esquiva in center, then the one leg steps behind their front leg, and the arm pushes them over your leg. In a sense both people are equal if you were to go slowly, but the one executing the take down should take the other by surprise.

Partners: Yellow-Orange Up, Nico and Chris.
A: meia lua de compasso
B: follows and does the same.
A: does it the other way. Finishes back.
B: follows but instead of finishing, steps between the legs. The pivot leg steps in front of A's front leg and wraps around for the take down.
Notes: Go inside, Lock the leg up. Make sure the meia luas are crossing quickly, don't wait for them to finish. Leg wraps around first, hands go second.

Partners: Yellow down.
A As above.
B As above.
A step back to avoid the take down.

Two rodas.
Free game. Buy from anywhere.

Various abwork.