Book Ender's Shadow

20100902 pgs 001-056 (F)-(3)
20101113 pgs 057-074 (4)
20120109 pgs 057-314 (4)-(17)
20120110 pgs 314-467 (17)-(24)
Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card

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So I bought this book at the airport, because I left my laptop in my backpack, which I thought I left at home, but that's a whole other story. So I read Ender's Game, and loved that book. So I picked this book up. What I read was just as interesting as the first book. So far though, the stories haven't converged yet. The story so far is still introducing Bean's back story. Today, I didn't plan on reading another section, but I was trying to check to see what I had read already, and in doing so, I found that I had last finished section 3 and now that I started section 4, I figured I finish it. And I did finish it, just in time to head to modern dance class.

I brought the book to CA with me to read it over the break, but I never touched it. Not until the flight back to MD on 20120109. I read it during the majority of the five hour flight and whenever there was a gap in time, such as waiting for my luggage to arrive at baggage claim and on the light rail. Upon getting home I took a break, but after planning to go to sleep at midnight, I stayed up reading until I was reasonably tired. Whatever time I ended up falling asleep, I woke up several hours later, around 1 PM to be precise.

I don't know if it was inspired from reading about young students, but the dream I woke from was set in a classroom and the people in my dream were all from elementary school, though the setting was my first high school, as is often the setting for my school-related dreams. I recall entering a classroom and trying to find my desk. All the desks were labeled with names and as I was searching I saw my friends. Finally I found my desk tucked away in the corner behind some other desks. I removed it from it's position as quietly as I could without disturbing the class. Then I looked to the nearest group of four tables and chatted with them a bit. Then surprisingly my desk was gone. Looking around I find that a friend of mine from high school had moved it next to where he was sitting. In any case, the teacher was JMH, and some of the people I remember were BT, BK, and KJ. My high school friend was CRF.

Anyways, I got back to reading soon after I woke up. I just couldn't put the book down.

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