Note: Math Posts

So I have been keeping notes with LyX. And when I create a math blog post, I copy and paste the complete source TeX code from LyX into the blog. However, there is a good chance that the contents of the notes as they exist on my computer get changed, making the blog posts outdated.

Another point to make. With most, if not all, math posts prior to and including 20101016, I have gone through and quickly added spaces between math code and text when needed. And other small fixes that have to do with errors resulting from commands that LyX can parse but MathJax can not. Or sometimes the error is with something blogger interprets as html code when it is really just a less than sign. However, I shouldn't be making the changes from the blog post, I should be making the changes to the original.

In the end it's okay, since I've added the "touch-up after exam" label to all the posts and can deal with it after the exam. I intend on adding links whenever I mention a link. I can use links to join references between theorems and notes. And I can create a table of contents to jump from list of theorems to my notes. Since I've taken a non-linear approach. It's much more motivating to try and learn a theorem, only to find that you should know other material first. Rather than learning the previous material without understanding its use.

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