Movie Raising Arizona (1987)

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Raising Arizona (1987) Joel Coen. 94 min.

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A criminal named H.I. (Nicolas Cage) meets a policewoman named Ed (Holly Hunter) and eventually the two get married.

The couple want to have children, but it turns out that Ed is infertile. Then one day they see a set of quintuplets on television belonging to a couple in Arizona. Desperate for a child of their own, they decide to drive over to the family's house and kidnap one of the babies.

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This movie has some pretty funny parts and overall is a decently funny movie. In particular, it's funnier than than Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

While the ending is open to interpretation, I took it quite positively.

Overall, I would recommend anyone watch this comedy at least once. Personally, I plan watch the movie again, because I think there will be something special to be gained from watching it a second time.

Instant Comments:
About a 10 minute cold open (pre-credit sequence).
Lol, Harry, Barry, Larry, Garry, and Nathan Jr.
Haha... yes... Pretty consistently funny.

Haha. John Goodman coming out of the mud and the part that follows. Haha.
The baby is pretty cute.
Nicolas Cage's hair is awesome.