Movie The Last of the Mohicans (1920)

Watched 20101027 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20101030) 71 min.
The Last of the Mohicans (1920) Clarence Brown, Maurice Tourneur. 73 min. [adapted from tnotsn (1826) by James Fenimore Cooper]

I watched the first 10 minutes yesterday (20101026).

I've seen silent cartoons before, but I think this is the first silent film I've seen. Interesting. I wonder if this is the oldest movie I've seen now. Prior to this was Citizen Kane (1941), oh wait, actually Gone with the Wind (1939). So yes, this is the oldest movie I've seen.

The way you have to interpret the film is much different than movies nowadays. In this movie, sometimes the actors' or actresses' expressions look funny. I wonder if, even though silent, the film could have been made any better. Was this a top-notched movie of the time, or was it just one of those okay movies? Was the film the way it was due to the era it was made in? I'd have to watch more movies from the era to know.

I did like the end of the movie better than the beginning.