Movie The Karate Kid (1984)

Watched 20101023
The Karate Kid (1984) John G. Avildsen. 126 min

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Taking a break from studying, and having started the movie while eating, I actually sat down and watched this movie with very little studying.

Instant comments:*
*Contains a lot of compare and contrast between the original and the remake.

So I only remember bits and pieces of this movie. Effectively, I watched the new The Karate Kid first. I didn't realize how closely of a remake the new The Karate Kid was. It changes the setting and situation slightly. The new movie had a slightly more emotional "you didn't ask me" scene. But the original with the bonsai is nicer. Noriyuki's (Mr. Miyagi's) entrance was cooler, cause you see him coming in over the fence. But Jackie Chan's fight scene had more choreography.

They both have their plus and minuses. I suppose the original has the advantage of being the original. Asking for the remake to add enough substance to rise above. I'm not sure that it does, but the remake is a good movie.

For example, I'm not sure if the remake's love interest is as charming as the original's love interest. But the remake's initial training is slightly more sensible than the original. Especially 'cause you wonder why there's so many unfinished chores to be done in the original.

Oh right, and the original has the stick-shift car problem that's done in Little Miss Sunshine. But the one scene in the remake is more emotional. That is the scene that precedes the training montage.

Huh, Miyagi knew that Daniel would want the yellow one?

LOL: "Buddha provide."

Huh, for coming unprepared, they have an emblem on the tournament board.

I didn't hear exactly what the sensei said to the student:
John Kreese: Bobby, I want him out of commission.
Bobby: But, Sensei, I can beat this guy.
John Kreese: I don't want him beaten.
Bobby: But I'll be disqualified.
John Kreese: Out of commission.

Haha, and there's the more sensible finishing kick. And the accomplishment of the crane is a lot more plausible.