Movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

Released 20011116
Watched 20011125 Theatre. Metro Pointe [HARRY POTTER] $6.00
Watched several times
Watched 200908?? DVD Part of Harry Potter Marathon
Watched 20101015 DVD (English audio)
Watched 20110619 DVD (English audio, Spanish subtitles)
Watched 20110622 DVD (English audio)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) Chris Columbus. 152 min [botnotsn (1997) by J.K. Rowling]

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At first I was gonna put on "The Conversation," but I remember being told that it was a very visual movie. And I wanted to study. So I decided instead to put on Harry Potter, which I've seen enough times that I can study. It's great to see the first movie again. From Harry and the golden snitch to Hermione's hair. Though the perception is totally different, you can't forget that you know so much more about these characters. You can still appreciate following Hedwig up into the sky and through Hogwarts or the amazing feeling of Harry getting the wand. But now when you watch it, there's less of a mystery about the wand. There's less of a mystery about Harry's relationship with the snake. Of course, I watched either the first three or four movies before reading the first book. And then I started the second book. But never finished. Then before the sixth movie, I read all seven books. Perhaps I read the second and third book a little different in time frame from the fourth through seventh. But in any case... I mostly watched the movies before reading the books. I felt that worked out much better, since then you say, oh wow, this happened and that happened (stuff I didn't get to see in the movie). Rather than reading the books first and then saying "they totally left this out or that out."

It's interesting to know that certain movies get redone or remade. I wonder if epic movie series like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter would ever get remade. Now, Lord of the Rings is rated higher than Harry Potter, so I wouldn't expect Lord of the Rings to get a remake, and Harry Potter spans years of filming. But I could only imagine what other directors would do to re-envision Harry Potter and learn from what's been done. Or use whatever new age technology there is to bring so much more to the series. Or perhaps an animated series or animated movies. You could imagine the sort of mischief they'd get into on "normal" days. Something like Star Wars: The Clone Wars (the animated series or whatever).

Near the start of the movie, my sister thinking of her favorite part. I guessed if it had to do with the train. She said yes. I guessed it was the part where Hermione comes. And luckily, I was right. Of course I don't know why that would have been her favorite part. I told her perhaps I really liked that part too. Just something about the three characters meeting for the first time.

I thought it was interesting that two of Malfoy's encounters with Harry sort of put Harry on the track to success. Malfoy's encounter with Harry prior to sorting, gives Harry the motivation to not be in Slytherin. Then Malfoy throwing the remembrall conveniently gets Harry a position as the Gryffindor Quidditch seeker.

The great thing about watching Harry Potter is I can easily do other things and just pay attention whenever I want, because I've seen it so many times.

Instant Comments:
Wait, there's actually no dirt on his nose prior to Hermione bringing it up.
Wand scene is magical.
Lol I finally get that the bank room was breached, but obviously nothing was stolen since it was already emptied.
"She needs to sort out her priorities."
You can see just enough in the binoculars during the Quidditch game. Nice touch for those who've seen the movie or read the book before.
Possibly my favorite line in the first movie: "People will think you're...... up to something."
"Sorry" "Sorry" "It's for your own good."
Everybody's expressions during the house cup scene is great.

H: Are you doing magic? Let's see then.
H: It's not very good is it?
H: Occulus, reparo. That's better isn't it?
H: Pleasure.
H: I expect we'll be arriving.
H: You got dirt on your nose by the way. Just there.