Movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Released 20040604.
Watched 20040605 Theatre. Westpark 8 [HARRY POTTER: PRISON] 10:20pm $9
Watched several times
Watched 200908?? DVD Part of Harry Potter Marathon
Watched 20101022 DVD (no subtitles, English)
Watched 20110707 DVD (English audio, no subtitles) (Fullscreen video stretched to Widescreen)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) Alfonso Cuaron. 141 min [botnotsn (1999) by J.K. Rowling]

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20101022: [20101022]
Background movie. Seen before. Running through the Harry Potters.

Instant Comments:
It's funny, when I'm paying attention I didn't notice. But from not paying attention, I noticed that Aunt Marge is floating in the sky as Harry is walking out of the house with his suitcase.
I don't know if I noticed it before, but Professor Lupin cast expecto patronum silently.
Huh I wonder if the house tables changed in the book. For this scene, the Gryffindors had to be next to Slytherin for Malfoy to make a remark to Harry.
When you already know the plot, it's interesting to see and recognize what you don't see without knowing the story.
Haha, awkward: "Do you want to move closer?"
Haha, my friends and I like to laugh about how every spell can be made stronger just by saying it louder. At least, that's what this movie indicated.
"You tell those spiders, Ron."
Haha, I love when Hermione grabs Harry and there's a delay before he gets pulled into the air. Almost like you would see in a cartoon.
I remember being so confused the first time I watched the denouement.
The movie isn't consistent about the clothes and the person.
The cut for the scene where Sirius gets scared to the next is done awkwardly. Cause suddenly his eyes are shut without the proper transition.
I never noticed before, but Harry asks, "You mean they're gonna kill them," and Hermione answers, "No, much worse, they're gonna take his soul."
Haha, Dumbledore taps Ron's cast.
Haha, I love when Hermione slaps Harry's wrist.

I find this sort of time consistency most plausible, but that most people have trouble understanding it. Basically everything that has happened has already happened. There's no changing anything. Things have already been changed, you just don't know you made the change yet. Note: if you already messed up time, then it would have already happened. Of course, that is assuming that's how time works. Time can work in the manner in which we think we can change time from the moment we entered back in the timeline. ::shrug::

It's interesting that in many ways Harry is normal, and yet so happens to be a powerful wizard. Is it the circumstances that brings out the strength in him, or is it in his blood, or what?
You don't see the stag the second time.
Lol, Hermione's blank expression when Harry is talking, I never noticed it before.
I love how Sirius and Harry enjoy riding Buckbeak but not Hermione.
Love the ending. More flying!

20110707 [20110711]
Continue watching the Harry Potter movies. The movie was in fullscreen, but I couldn't figure out the settings to watch it in fullscreen on a widescreen television, so we ended up watching it stretched.

On this viewing I thought about the time-turner sequence and wondered how it matches up with the previous sequence. A YouTube user had cut up both sequences and lined up the different scenes. It reveals that there are several inconsistencies throughout. The first, for example, would be future Harry calling at Hermione as they're running down the hall. But the way things must line up, past Harry, Ron, and Hermione would have undoubtedly heard future Harry's voice. Then when future Harry and Hermione run down the hill, they would have been seen by past Hagrid and Harry looking out the window. It's hard to tell if the poster lined up the various shots correctly. I would have liked the poster to have paused a shot, instead of leaving the screen blank. I'd also skip over various parts where it's just the future scene or just the past scene. Perhaps I'll try doing my own split screen one day. It's convenient to have the full screen version of the movie, two side-by-side fullscreen captures will fill a widescreen better than two side-by-side widescreen captures. For now, see the user's Time Turner Split Screen Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Note: The audio seems to be out of sync for part 3 and the uploader responded to a comment saying it was YouTube's fault.

Instant Comments:
I love how in this movie the lesson seems to be if you want a spell to be more powerful, you just say it louder.
Let's not wait for the grass to grow.
It's gonna be a bumpy ride.
Hey guys... guys... why the long faces?
I never noticed Harry was offered pea soup by the Minister.
Lol, Malfoy's sneer after he strokes the book.
I like the drums that play before Harry lifts off on the Buckbeak.
I never noticed the first ghost to come through the windows is carrying the head of the second. Then when it pans to Hermione, Ron, and Harry, they pass back behind.
Like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.
Lupin's object is so clear when you already know the story.
page three hundred and ninety four
Hmm... I don't know the camera effect, but I like the fade out when Dumbledore says "Arresto momentum."
[I recall Malfoy and his gang try to dress up as demeantors and scare Harry, but Harry had practiced his patronus...]
Do you want to move a bit closer?
You tell those spiders Ron.
The rainbow effect that shows the light is illuminating is cool.
I never thought about it, but that's some crazy magic to make a map like that...
LOLOLOLOL Hermione grabs Harry's shirt and he gets pulled away.
A lot of the dialogue and expressed emotions don't flow as well as I remember. I still love the movie, but I can see why it doesn't meet the standard of a movie like Lord of the Rings.
Well search the skies if you must...
Haha, he's s o inconsiderate, going and destroying a pumpkin.
Well? [...] Did what? [...] Goodnight.
I never noticed before, but he tied the feather to his broomstick.
I definitely don't tire of the credits at the end of Azkaban.