Movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

Watched in theatres (I'm pretty sure I've seen all the Harry Potters in theaters)
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Watched 200908?? DVD Part of Harry Potter Marathon
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) Christopher Columbus. 161 min [botnotsn (1998,1999) J.K. Rowling]

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Again, I wanted to have a movie play in the background, but not have to pay attention to it too much. So I continue with the next Harry Potter.

"I'll see you in school." - Malfoy to Harry. LOL.
Snape was overall friendly in this one.
I understood a few plot points that I never caught before. (For example, where Hagrid was leaving to and coming back from, and why.)
House-elf magic. After you've read the books, you pay a little more attention to this detail.

I wonder if the following effect in movies actually happens in real life: When there are two moving objects, it seems possible that one object can catch up to the other, but when the first object catches up to the other, they momentarily cannot pass each other, or at least waver slightly back and forth.
Example 1: Harry and Ron got left behind. They are able to find the train, which I supposed was because a car which has been magically enchanted to fly can travel at speeds equal to that of a train. However, when they find the train, their velocity seems to be less than that of the train, because the train nearly rams them from behind. Then when they escape, they speed overhead in front of the train. (I doubt the train gains any speed increase from a reduce of drag due to being behind the car.) Then finally, it seems they are late coming to Hogwarts. Thus there is a moment when their speed is faster, slower, faster, and then again slower.
Example 2: Harry and Malfoy in the Quidditch match. Malfoy with his newer model broom seems to have a speed advantage. But Harry, because he's talented really is faster anyways. But instead of speeding past Malfoy immediately, catches up to Malfoy and sticks around to take a couple of punches and bumps from Malfoy. Because that totally makes sense... Then he speeds up after this little transgression and leaves Malfoy behind. Now, it makes sense that Harry wouldn't go faster than Malfoy when all the stadium bars are in the way, but I feel when Harry first caught up, they were on a clear straight away and Harry could have just surpassed Malfoy. Though, I don't know what governs broom speed... so maybe Harry only had enough focus to catch up before resting and speeding ahead again. Less ridiculous than example 1, but still an example of the race effect.
I can sort of understand the effect if it were horses, where it takes the horse an amount of energy to catch up to the horse in first place. Or in a marathon where the runner also takes energy to catch up. Perhaps with cars, there is also engine performance involved, but less so than horses and human runners. But when magic enters the picture, it becomes kind of sillier than normal.

Instant Comments:
I never noticed before that Hermione uses "oculus reparo" upon meeting Harry in this movie the same as the last.
"You got yourself a girlfriend."
Haha, I like how Hedwig's eyes open when they see the train.
"No ma'am, he just fainted."
I had forgotten how crazy the bludger was. In particular, Colin taking a picture and almost getting hit by it.
LOL, he just drops the wand after casting the smell.
LOLOL "I didn't know you could read."
LOLOL "Oh Harry, if you die down there, you're welcome to share my toilet."
Oh snaps, the sock!
Haha I didn't remember Harry, Hermione, and Ron reuniting at the end was so awkward.
Hermione mouths "Oh no."