Movie Frankenstein (1931)

Watched 20101031 (Netflix, Instant) 70 min.
Frankenstein (1931)

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Some parts of the movie seem out of place. Others are great. I haven't read the book, but I don't think the movie follows to closely, as I feel the book would carry a much stronger theme in regards to the creation of life and death, in particular to the creator and the created. The movie had a bit of this, but didn't fully capture it.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie considering the time period it was made in. Along those lines I enjoyed it as a classic, but not as a movie that I particularly desire to see again. It does seem like a very historical type of film.

Opening credits leave the actor under the list of "Players" for the monster as "?"
Then in the closing credits the title reads "A good cast is worth repeating..." and also lists the actor for "The Monster."