Movie Dude, Where's My Car? (2000)

Watched once before. Most likely back in late high school or early college
Watched 20101021
Dude, Where's My Car? (2000) Danny Leiner. 83 min.

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20101021: [20101022]
I feel like I've been watching a lot of movies I've seen before. Maybe that's because I want to play only familiar movies while I focus on studying. Overall, a familiar movie acts like background noise and helps make studying more relaxing. In any case, I particularly chose "Dude, Where's My Car" because references to the movie have come up three or four times in the past month.

Two memorable running jokes:
Dude, where's my car?
Where's your car dude?
Regarding "Dude!" and "Sweet!":
1) Just the other day I was reading about mentioned versus used words. Use-mention distinction (
2) On Wednesday (20101020), we were talking about the "Who's on First?" routine. See Who's on first? ( and/or Who's on first? (

Other memorable jokes:
27 mph
"And then..."
Dog's a stoner
Mrs. Crabbleman: #$%@in' stoners.
When they challenge Fabio... lol.
Hoboken, New Jersey
Fire extinguisher bit

The credits are funny.
At the very end:
"And then..."

Jesse: ...I hate to say it, Chester, but maybe we need to cut back on shibbying.
[Chester slaps Jesse]
Jesse: Thanks, dude.

Chinese Food Intercom: And then?
Jesse: And then...
[laughs nervously]
Jesse: I'm gonna come in there...
[grows livid]
Jesse: and I'm gonna put my foot in your ass IF YOU SAY "AND THEN" AGAIN!'!
[pause; Jesse almost gives in]
Chinese Food Intercom: [repeatedly] And then! And then! And then! And then! And then! And then! And then! And then! And then! And then! And then! And then!
[Jesse furiously smashes the speaker box, but Chester and Nelson pull him back inside the car, and they drive away]
Chinese Food Intercom: [severely damaged] And then...?

[Jesse and Chester have to get out of the car]
Chester: Well, you didn't have to go all aggro on that speaker box, dude.
Jesse: I'm not the one who called the Dalai Lama a fag!

The structure of the movie follows the structure of The Big Lebowski (1998). I like The Big Lebowski more than Dude, Where's My Car?