Movie Blade Runner (1982)

From what I can remember, I've seen bits and pieces of this movie before on television.

In any case, I watched The Final Cut version today and enjoyed it.

In particular, I love how a lot of the scenes were filmed. On a related note, I enjoyed the lighting, the action, and the artistic vision of a futuristic setting.

With the exception of a couple of scenes, the movie was consistently top-notch. In addition, the music was equally good.

I'll have to watch the other versions some day.

Great Scenes:
I love the scene after the climax, the one with the dove.
The ending ending was good, too.

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Instant Comment:
1: From the moment I saw the eye at the beginning of the film, I asked myself if the protagonist would end up being a replicant. I'm not, however, sure why. Perhaps it was because I had seen bits and pieces of the movie before.*
2: That eye gouge.
2: The unicorn. I explained the implication to Ada.
1=20101013, 2=20171211

*This reminded me of when I was watching a scary movie with my friends back in 2004. A character entered a barnyard, and I noticed a pitchfork in the background so I jokingly suggested the character was going to get stabbed with it. Then, one of my friends who had already seen the movie chided me for spoiling an upcoming scene. I had not, however, seen the movie before.

Watched 20101013 DVD (The Final Cut)
Watched 20171211 DVD (The Final Cut)
Blade Runner (1982) Ridley Scott. 117 min.

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