Capoeira Song Toques

I know some of the basic patterns, only I never know the names. I'll add to this post later. For now I'd enter the various toques I know under the category where they belong. Eventually it's a matter of memorizing which is which. I'll start by remembering that the one I place most is banguela (tich-tich dom dim dim)

This wikipedia page is actually pretty extensive:

My own notation, to save time for now, is to connect eighth notes with a dash, and otherwise a word represents a quarter note. Though the below is excerpted from the wikipedia page, so just go there to see the toques written nicely. Also, virtualcapoeira is a good resource for the basic rhythms.

Angola (Angola;slow)
tich-tich dom dim rest, tich-tich dom dim rest (note: the wiki has the count starting on the dom, but I haven't been able to grasp it that way, so currently I've thought of the pattern starting on the tich tich)
Viola variation:
tich-tich dom tich-tich dim tich-tich dom dim rest
tich-tich dom-dom dom-dom (dom dom tich) dom dim rest

Sao Bento Pequeno (Angola;medium)
tich-tich dim dom rest

Sao Bento Grande (Angola/Regional;medium/fast)
tich-tich dim dom dom tich-tich dim dom dom

Banguela (Regional;medium)
tich-tich dom dim dim

Sao Bento Grande de Regional (aka Sao Bento Grande de Bimba aka Regional) (Regional;fast)
tich-tich dom tich-tich dim tich-tich dom dom dim

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