Capoeira 20101029 Costume Roda

Fun. Brenda drove. Grace and I came along. We left from Baltimore at around 5:30. But there was traffic on the way there, so it took us about two hours to get to the destination. 7:45. We got changed. Joined the roda. Then eventually there was a costume contest. Everybody took turns doing a little something in their costumes. Then there were little trophies awarded based on a clapping vote. Then there was a little samba de roda. And then there was just some instrument playing for a while. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to join the others for the dinner that followed. We briefly stopped by a pho restaurant and then proceeded to Baltimore. There was traffic on the way home, and so that trip took a while. Of course, Brenda, after dropping Grace and I off would have to drive for some length before getting home. The entire event was fun. More tiring for some than others.